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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 7, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it goes up to northeast baltimore where city fire crews have been fighting a fire that started overnight. it broke out in the 800 block of bowmont avenue a few blocks away from the almaita. >> reporter: that is three- alarm fire. they got the call at 3:50 and amanda made the 911 call. tell us what you saw? >> i sought porch was on -- saw the porch was on fire and told my boyfriend we have to call 911. ace talked to the dispatcher, the house just blew up in to flames. we were able to get the party out. it was an older adult, a young adult and two small children. and they he seemed to be fine. >> reporter: the fire seemed to start on the porch? >> that's what it looked like to me on the outside because i wasn't inside. >> reporter: and you sought grandmother come out first. >> -- you saw the grandmother come out first.
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>> she covered her mouth with a white rag and she had to go back in to get the other children. >> reporter: and she seemed panicked? >> right. >> reporter: and did you see the other children come out okay? >> yes. the young adult had both children in her arms and we helped them down the steps and away from the fire. >> reporter: thanks so much for talking to us. and joining us is ken cartwright pio for baltimore city fire. what can you tell us. >> sure. around 3:40, the fire broke out. firefighters were out here on the scene to find a 2 1/2 story wood frame dwelling fully engulfed. they requested a second and third assignment. they have made significant progress in bringing the fire under control. there's very little flames and lots of smoke. the family got out safely with the assistance of the young
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lady and her friend. exactly what started the fire, we don't know. once the conditions are safe to do so, our firefighters will gain entry and continue saturating the structure and fire investigators will go in along with police arson detectives and make assessments into determining the cause. >> reporter: for those that live in the area, there's roads blocked off. any idea how long that might happen? >> considering the intensity of the fire, the a units we brought to the scene, we are anticipate at least from two possibly three hours before the units clean up from the location. >> reporter: thanks so much for joining us. a threep alarm fire on the 800 -- three-alarm fire on the 800 block of bowmont. they could be here for another two to three hours. again, the good news is that no one was injured in this tire. there were four people who were inside. but they were all able to get out safely. linda so, abc2 news. >> thank you. the latest on the crisis in
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egypt. after nearly two weeks of unrest, national leaders are figuring out how to move forward. in cairo, egymss -- egyptians are trying to get back to a normal life. cars returned to the streets and banks reopened. the stock market will remain closed until at least wednesday. a curfew remantes in effect. -- remains in effect. maryland byess are keeping a-- businesses are keeping a close eye on that. >> maryland exported $400 million in goods in the country. so a close eye there. we will keep you posted. three minutes after five. baltimore mayor will deliver her state of the city address today. >> she is expected to discuss the accomplishments during the past year. she is expected to focus on education, neighborhoods, public safety and fiscal responsibility.>> the address is set for 2:30. we will have complete coverage at five and six as well.
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it's three minutes after five right now. since we know no one showed up at the poe grave for the second year in a row, it doesn't meanhis days are numbered but perhaps it does. the city cut funding for the edgar allan poe house. it must be self sustained by the middle of next year or it will close. the city has not given poe money since last summer. the curator of the house who runs the place is using money on his own that he raised over the years. time is 5:04. today, friends and family will pay final respects to the parents of nick d'adamo. nick senior and his wife grace passed away within 24 hours of each other. funeral services will take play at 10 this morning on bel air road. four minutes after five. day three of jury deliberations will continue this morning in the trial of two 18-year-old twin brothers accused of
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setting a pit bull on fire. they face animal cruelty charges. the boys are accused of dousing a pit bull with gasoline and setter her on fire in 2009. veterinarians tried to save the dog. she was begin the name phoenix and later was euthanized. back in december, he was found in a carve a woman's garage. now 35-year-old charles novak of crofton is in even bigger trouble this morning. sherrie johnson joins with us details. good monday morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. detectives are going through more than a hundred thousands of video after arresting a crofton man and charging him as a peeping tom. 35-year-old charles novak was on house arrest until he was arrested and charged again. there are four victims but more could be identified on the tapes. he was caught inside a parked car in a crofton garage in december. they seized a cam corder with images of nude people including young girls. police searched his home and found evidence that he
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burglarized at least two more homes in the crofton area. >> i talked to the detective on the case. and they said he could get through the teeniest cracks. >> reporter: and he is charged with 21 counts of burglary, theft and as a peeping tom. if you live in the crofton area and have information on his crime, call anne arundel police at 410-222-8610. sherrie johnson. it's 5:08. it may not -- 5:06. superbowl xlv is in the books. but celebrations for the packers are underway. up next, the highlights from the game that gave the cheese head a title for the first time in 1 years. >> parents there's still time to get your tween the opportunity to win a pair of passes to-- parents, there's still time
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to get your tween the opportunity to win a pair of passes to the justin bieber show. >> reporter: good monday morning. metro subway is on time, but light rail takes a delay. southbound about 15 minutes late. on the buses, the number 30 is diverted at he hadmonson and swann. and the 33 bus is working with a diversion and hillen and cold spring. marc train is on time on the camden, penn and brunswick lines. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones. this looks just like the tree house
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ten minutes after finality thanks for joining us. today is your -- thanks for -- after five. thanks for joining us. today is the last day to enter your child into the justin bieber movie give away. go to upload a photo of your child showing why he or she is baltimore's biggest bieber fan. the premier is wednesday. the movie starts at 6:00.
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however, bieber fans can walk the purple carpet starting at five. we will close out contest today and open it for voting. person whose picture has the most voits votes by 5:30 -- votes by 5:30 tomorrow wins the tickets. good luck. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we look outside and we start out the workweek with no weather worries. we are dry right now. we have had increasing clouds overnight. but we are taking a look at a dry sweep across the chesapeake. temperatures at 27 in baltimore. a pairs of 30s from hagerstown to oakland. we have got ourselves clouds with clearing skies to the south. we will have a mix of clouds and sun this morning with thickening clouds into the afternoon. a push of 47, the two degree guarantee. and rain ending in snow tonight. more on the extended outlook minute away -- minutes away.
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now here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. as you travel southbound on 95, no issues between white marsh on down towards the beltway and further toward the fort mchenry tunnel. looking live at # 95 south -- 895 south of the 95 split, traffic is flowing well. no problems across the harbor bridges. we have ongoing road closure in northeast baltimore. bowmont avenue closed in both directions between ivanhoe and midwood avenue because of the fire. as linda so reported, it will remain closed for an additional two to three hours. use glenwood as a good alternate. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. it's monday, february 17th. time for birthdays. mason turned 2 on saturday. happy belated birthday to you, sir, nice hat. megan turned 17 today and megan what great year winning state championships for the field hockey team for the first time in the high school history. and recently, she committed to
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hofstra to play lacrosse after graduation in 2012. so megan, congratulations. moreover, happy birthday. our picture of the day comes from carl and trish smith. this is a picture of sammy, lamb chop as they call him. he has been sitting on the sofa enjoying the sunshine when he started to fall asleep. being a good boy, he kept his feet off the couch as he has been told. if you are interested in sending in a photo of your birthday or anything like that, pets or birthdays, morning show at get them in a couple days in advance and provide pertinent information. it's 5:13 right now. we know you watched the superbowl. you wanted to see who came up with the best ad. >> find out which ads had the
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most online views before the game kicked off. we showed you this on friday. plus, if you made it to the movies, you were probably amonth crowd that took one of the latest horror flicksp find out which movie brought in big bucks this weekend.
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at turbotax. the most trusted brand of tax software. 17 minutes after five. the drought is over for wisconsin's team. >> yeah, the morning's milwaukee sentinel put it tilttown once again. vinita nair has more. >> the green bay packers have won the superbowl. >> reporter: three years after brett farv's nasty split with the packers, a win that puts all that in the past. the team's first superbowl title in 14 years. led by quarterback and superbowl mvp aaron rodgers. >> a fun night. >> rodgers look left goes to the right. touchdown. >> reporter: rodgers led the packers to a win over the pittsburgh steelers. inside the stadium, celebrities, even former president bush, looked on.
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but superbowl xlv was not without hiccups. christina aguilera flubbed the national anthem. >> what so proudly -- flubbed the -- flubbed the national anthem. what so proudly we watched record she repeated an earlier line instead of singing or the rampart we just watched and she said she got lost in the moment. outside cowboys stadium, some gates were closed because of falling ice. hundreds of fans with tickets were tem -- with temporary seats waited to get inside. the seats set up just for the game were not safe to sit in. all were eventually let in and given refunds. also hanging over the nfl, a labor war between owners and players. and no guarantee they will be back in the fall. but superbowl sunday is a day of celebration and spectacle. black eyed peas lowered from the ceiling for the halftime performance. and for the 100 millionth
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television viewers and commercials. car makers were among those shelling out $3 million for 30 seconds. many ads featuring celebrities from justin bieber, to joan rivers. a day to be entertained by the ads, as well as the action on the field. vinita nair, abc news. >> she mentioned it. one of the most talked about stories to come out of superbowl xlv is christina aguilera messing up a line in the nationalling at um. we asked you what you thought. and everybody has something to say about this. we want your comments on that as well as the commercials. head to the facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will share them throughout the show. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:19. as we look outside right now at 27 degrees in baltimore, 29 in ocean city. notice warmer temperatures to the west. they have more cloud cover.
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there's a push of mild air that's going to sneak in for today. a mild bush before the cold surge that will dominate this week. we have the 20s, mid 30s from roanoke. and they have mixed showers underneath the cloud cover. and you will notice a little bit clearing while the cloud did sneak in overnight. it will make a little adjustment because the mild push looks like it will give us morning sunshine. but the cloud will roll in as the day rolls on. we expect a better part of the day and morning. the afternoon will be cloudy but we will push 47 degrees. a nice change of pace to go above normal. a evening showers that will likely hold off after dark. what kind of showers? mostly rain. but the cold push of air may catch up before daybreak tomorrow morning. so it could end as a briefperiod of snow. it doesn't look like we will have significant accumulation. temperatures will be borderline with freezing at daybreak. we could get wet snow as we start the day tomorrow. we have 20s, this's a mild 58
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in tam -- there's a mild 58 in tampa. dallas had all the snow and ice last week that was a threat the latest storm could have brought snow and ice. it looks like just rain. northwestern being a saw is pushing through the deep south with snow. two pushes of moisture. an area of low pressure here serves prop cal -- tropical moisture across georgia and florida and south carolina. we will follow the system push in our direction. it won't really get organized. we don't expect anything significant, but there will be showers that develop from 7:00 in the evening through midnight, we should get rain showers developing that could mix with snow. there's the push of colder air on the backside of the system. that's three in the morning. after that, you will notice through daybreak tomorrow, most of that gets out of here. we have a mix of clouds with cooler air pushing through. and we are dry for the middle of the week but it will be colder. starting with tomorrow, the high temperature will be in the morning. whether we have the end of
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sloppy wet snow or not, the morning's temperatures should be in the mid-30s. it may be boosted to 37 and falling through the afternoon. about the rest of the week's forecast, we will check that out in a moment. right now, the road with kim brown. >> reporter: justin, we don't have reported problems on the harrisburg expressway. southbound lanes are wide open between mount carmel road approaching the beltway. reports of icy patches in some places. looking live at the beltway, 695 on the southwest corner at wilkins avenue, very light volume. no delays or problems. all lanes are opened. still not dealing with any accidents. just the road closure because of that structure fire in northeast baltimore. bow moppet avenue will remain close -- bowmont avenue will remain closed between ivanhoe and midwood. use glenwood as a good alternate. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. box office from the weekend horror flick "the roommate" scored the top spot, $15.6
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million. hollywood clearly had competition from the superbowl with viewers glued to the tv instead of the movie screen. the 3d thriller "sanctum" came in number two pulling in more than $9 million. ticket sales down 25% compared to superbowl weekend from 2010. another big merger is in the works this morning that will bring more ways of news coverage. what news site will get bigger with the audience and they will shell out about $300 million for it. plus, who would be able to bite into this? charlie would try. >> no, he wouldn't. >> a chef decided to make this whooper of a burger. >> a man's got to know his limits. ooo whatcha got there?
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curtis: welcome back to geico gecko: caller steve, go right ahead. steve: yeah, um, i just got a free rate quote on, saved a ton, and it only took me 5 minutes and 12 seconds! steve: i was wondering, is that some sort of record? gecko: that's a good question. let's have a look. curtis: mmmm, not quite. someone's got you beat by 8 seconds. gecko: still, i mean, that's... that's quite fast! steve: well, what if i told you i only used one hand? anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. 5:26. it's a sandwich like none other. we are talking mounds of beef, dozens of strips of bacon and half a dozen eggs. it sounds gross. >> this is called the stella nateor. a nebraska restaurant has it and it takes up the grill when they make one. if you were to make it through the 6 1/2 ounce paties, bacon
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and eggs and icing on the burger is jalapeno and peanut butter. the owner says it makes it that much more difficult because it's so thick. many have tried, and many have failed. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> i saw that thing stacked up like that. how do you bite through that? >> we are looking at a mild start. temperatures are near and below freezing and a lot of us are looking at 20s, there may be a little ice out there. but we are expecting a mild surge to get to us 47. we should be dry most of the day. it will be this evening, mainly after dark, we develop rain that will mix with snow towards daybreak. probably done by tomorrow morning. and temperatures in the 30s during the morning. steadier falling in the afternoon with a strong surge of wind. tomorrow, 15, and 33 on wednesday. and lows in the teens again.
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that threat for thursday looks small. initially a lot of models were trying to put in a big storm. that's not there. there's a possibility we escape the week without a storm for what could be the first time this year. i think we could use a little breather. we are near 32 and will push back into the mid to upper 40s. next weekend looks pretty mild. now up to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: a big deal in the online media world. aol is buying the huffington post. the 315 million dollar deal will put the post founder in charge of aol content. the huffington post gets 25 million visitors a month. it could boost alo's struggling ad sales. yahoo is making big changes. they plan to develop publishing platform for apps. this will let users get personal content on their phones and other mobile devices. content would be based on the user's declared preference and
5:29 am
previously searches and social media. kid are the big customers of e- readers. "new york times" reports e- reader book sales have spiked since the holidays. the big sillers are kids books. -- kids' books. and those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson.


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